Walking your dog along Ridge and Craiglands this morning took away the need to buy the Sydney Morning Herald. There was more comment scrawled on the street’s protest signs than on an Alan Jones blog. A favourite was “You can’t stop us” painted twice on the entrance to Ridge Street.

You can't stop us

Most of the signs can't be published here because this is not an X-rated website. But needless to say, they were offensive and obscene. Our families and children helped paint these signs!

Keep Ridge St Boring

Everyone asks “Who was it?” Perhaps bored teenagers with spray cans have suddenly taken an informed interest in long day centres and the processes of council? What’s next? An fascination in the Reserve Bank findings on interest rates!

Whoever it was did no favour to those who want to destroy the area with inappropriate development.

Beehives Yes
The Police say they will now begin random visits to prevent further activity by insomniacs with itchy fingers.

We'll keep you informed!

Last modified: Saturday, 12 November 2016, 1:51 PM